Sunday, October 24, 2010

Major Overhaul

I almost forgot I had a blog... So many changes have taken place over the last few months.  Some good, Some not so good.  Of course, the boys are all getting so big. 

Hudsen's Stats: 
  • 1st Grade (went to Parent Teacher Conferences, his teacher said he was Perfect- umm...?)
  • We now come home and do homework and study spelling words.  Where did my baby go?
  • Playing Flag Football.  He moved up a division and is not sure he likes playing against bigger boys.
  • Attitude, oh my! 
  • In charge of cleaning his room.  I love this one. 
  • Hudsen is going to be Iron Man for Halloween, can't seem to break away from that Super Hero Theme.

Gannon's Stats

  • 2 years old (almost 3)
  • Talking and telling on his brothers all day long
  • He loves anything to do with the Farm.  He carries combines, tractors, and grain bins wherever he goes.  He sleeps with an entire farm in his bed.
  • He thinks the world of his older brother, and well, he still is not sure about the younger one.
  • Gannon is going to be a little monster for Halloween.  Very fitting

Ryker's Stats
  • My baby is 1.
  • Walking everywhere, Climbing on everything.  He fell off the kitchen table today. 
  • Ryker does not talk much with his voice, but he can tell you a thousand stories with his eyes. 
  • Ryker is going to be a Skeleton for Halloween.

I am sure there are many more activities that these 3 are doing, but I don't have time to type them all down.  As I type, I hear screaming outside.  Crying from somewhere in this house and Daddy yelling NO.  Not sure what is going on, but I am glad I am in my little room of the house right now.

I decided to follow my heart this summer, and I resigned from my Elementary Teaching job in Hooker.  I went out on a limb and decided to go "home".  I took a job in Texhoma as the High School Computer Teacher.  I love working with computers and this has been a great job!  We did not move, so I get up really early every morning and drive to work.  This is not as bad as I thought.  There are very few people on the road at 6:45 am and I have a chance to just think, relax, and drink my coffee before beginning my day.  I really do miss seeing the boys in the morning, it has always been my favorite part of their day.  I am very lucky because I have a great boss that lets me leave at 2 so that I can be home to pick them up from school.  I have loved picking them up outside after school.  As Hudsen says "I am a real mom now".  I have found myself not being as annoyed with them after work as I was in the past.  I think not working with young children all day and coming home to more young children helps more than I thought it would. 

Levi is still loving his job as a Trooper.  This job has allowed him to have "Daddy's Daycare"  three times a week.  He stays home with Gannon and Ryker while I go to work.  This makes it a little easier working so far away.  His nerves are a little shot by 3:30, but it has been great for the boys.

Levi and I have even managed a little getaway this month.  We left the boys with my parents and went to the Balloon Festival in New Mexico.  What a wonderful trip.  Very relaxing and the show was beautiful, just as I remembered it being. 

The big TTU vs OSU game was next.  And well, the Red and Black were very disappointing. 

Levi and I have also had to deal with the loss of two of our Grandparents the last few months.  First, after a very full loving life, my Papa Rex left this world.  He was a fighter and he has been greatly missed since his passing.  It is hard to believe that my Grandparent's are gone.  I miss them greatly.  Levi's Granny passed away a couple weeks ago.  She too was such a fighter.  She was stronger than anyone thought.  She was able to show each of us how much she loved us with her eyes, and her wonderful hugs.  She too is very missed.  I have been thinking a lot about life since these passing, and the one thing both these wonderful people had in common was the way they "showed" their love.  I say that I love people, but I have been wondering how I show my love.  Several stories were told about each of these people being kind and giving of their time and selves.  What wonderful examples we have in our lives if we just stop for a minute and watch.

This post should last me for the next couple months.