Monday, February 21, 2011

What was I thinking, Grad School? Oh MY!

Well, after a very long wait, I finally found out that I have been accepted to Graduate School, Instructional Design and Technology.  This has always been something I wanted to do, BUT now that it is here, I am scared to death.  I will be spending the next few years of my life, and my family's life, working on this degree that I have wanted for so long.  I just hope that I have enough time and energy to complete what I am about to start.  We will see how crazy I am in a few years.- Pray for Levi- he is going to need it.

Here I  We go...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Raise your hand if you have not been Sick.

I think about this blog weekly I really do, but lately, the only thing I would have to write about would be which one of us was sick this week.  Luckily for me, unlucky for my husband, it is his turn AGAIN.  Seems like we can't go a week without someone sick and feeling yucky.  I can't wait until it warms up so we can go outside and get some fresh air.  We have attempted a couple times the last week to get outside and play in the snow.  It has been way to cold.  I am ready for my summer heat to hit. 

  • Today Hudsen has his last Hot Shots basketball practice.  He is a little bummed about it- HE LOVES ALL THINGS SPORTS. 
  • Hudsen is doing great in school.  We were blessed with all A's on his progress report.  I told him that if he continues making A's until he graduates from High School, he could pick where he wanted to go to college.  If he started getting C's and D's, then I get to pick.  He said, "Oh great Mom, you will make me go to Texas Tech."  Looks like we will have all A's from this kid.  He is Orange and Black through and through.  (whatever works)

Gannon James, IS FINALLY POTTY TRAINED!!!  This is such a relief, only one kid in diapers.  He is so good, that he came running in a couple of nights ago screaming because he could not get his pj's off.  I am loving this.  All credit goes to his Daddy for that one. 

...side note as I am typing, I hear "why did you lock the door?"  "I guess I didn't know it was locked."  This is a conversation Levi and Hudsen are having right now over Hud locking the bathroom door- no one is in the bathroom.  Let's see how the handyman does on this one.

Ryker Sutton, So big!  He is talking up a storm.  Words we hear the most right now... "Mama" (my favorite)... "Don't" (least favorite)... "no"..."dog"... and  "this"  He walks around pointing saying "this this"  So cute.  Oh and "bottle".  Yes my 17 month old is still on a bottle.  Just keeping my baby a baby for a little longer.  I am trying I really am, but I can't imagine NOT having a baby in this house. 
I do look forward to the nights they all brush their own teeth, and get themselves ready for bed, BUT  I do love those little voices and little guys that are running around right now. 

Levi and I, well we are just trying to survive being parents of these guys.  We are doing our best to wake up each morning  NOT sick.  I think I am going to have to kick him out of our room until we are BOTH healthy. 

I am still loving my job.  The people I work with are great and so are the students.  High School kids can be very funny.  I find myself laughing all the way home about something they said or did.  I just think, oh my, I (my friends) did that same thing.  We some how survived and so will they. Just hope I can keep this in mind when my boys are in high school.  Oh that will be fun, lots of fun.
Must go Ryker is calling my name.  What Ryker wants Ryker gets. He is the boss of this house, well for now anyway.

Oh and Levi, if you read this blog before Monday...Valentine's Day is MONDAY!!!!