Sunday, July 12, 2009

Waiting and Waiting

T-Ball is over, 5 more swimming lessons, and a few more doctor appointments. Other than that, we are all just waiting for Ryker to join our family.
Hudsen has been very busy this summer. We started T-ball in June, he did great! He even had the chance to play up and play on a Machine Pitch team a time or two. I was a nervous wreck. He loved playing catcher, scared his dad and I, but he loved it. He is now taking swimming lessons. He is a little fish and not the same color he was when the summer began. He loves the water. He is excited about starting Kindergarten in a month or so.
Gannon...oh, what to say about Gannon. He is very busy running this house. I can't seem to keep up with him right now. I am not sure that I ever will be. He is one you have to watch carefully. Just the other day, Hudsen brought him in from outside crying. Hudsen said he fell on a Popsicle stick. After calling his Dr. at 8:00 at night and taking him in to see the Dr. we found out that he sliced, yes sliced, his left tonsil completely in half. Dr. said 1/2 cm over and we could have lost him. The only thing that saved him was his tonsil. What a kid! He walks around the house asking "What is it?" "Whose that?" and just when I thought I knew all his words, he pointed at Levi and said, "back!" He was on top of the kitchen counter and did NOT want his daddy to get him down. His favorite thing right now is going outside and playing with Pebble, our dog. We took the stairs off the playset to keep him off the top, but now he just climbs up the slide. All I can say is "I hope Ryker is ready for Gannon."
Levi has been working hard this summer trying to keep people safe. Summer is a busy time on the roads. We see him once in awhile, when he comes home to eat.
I have cleaned out all the kitchen cabinets, moved the beds and cleaned under them. Moved the furniture in our bedroom to clean the floors, and it seems I am doing the dishes every five minutes. Guess, I am trying to get ready for the baby. Now, if I only knew where to put the baby. School starts soon so I guess in a few weeks I will start thinking about that.
I guess summer is no longer a time of rest for the Hill family. Seems we are busier now than we are during the school year. I wouldn't trade it for anything!