Monday, December 21, 2009

Today He is 4 Months Old!

It amazes me how slow the last few months of pregnancy are. The excitement, the tiredness, and the anticipation of the arrival of a new baby. The months slowly tick by, counting months turns into counting weeks, which soon turns into counting days. BUT then you have the bundle of joy and you finally get a chance to look up and BAM...he is now 4 months old. WHAT? 4 months? NO, surely that can't be, it was just yesterday that I brought him home from the hospital. Man, where did the last few months go? What has happened to time standing still? This can't be, he can't be 4 months old...then I look over and that tiny 6 lb baby I brought home is now sitting in his Bumbo chair watching his brothers play. What is that I hear, he is laughing at them. He can't be old enough to just laugh at those crazy brothers. But why does this surprise me, as I am looking at those 2 crazy brothers, I begin to realize, that when you blink, one is in school and the other is turning 2 (more on that little big guy in days to come). Just a few things to know about this 4 month old. Ryker is...

  • Rolling over

  • Sleeping through the night!!!!! 4 stars from MOM on this one!

  • Eating at least 6-7 oz at each feeding.

  • Laughing at anyone that looks at him

  • Extremely ticklish

  • Grabs anything in arms reach- straight to the mouth

  • Starting to coo- love this one.

Well, happy 4 Months Old Ryker Sutton. Mommy loves you! Can't wait for more NEW things!

Love you,


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas

Wishing each of you a Merry Christmas and a Very Safe and Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Better and Better

It does not take a genius to realize how quickly life changes. The last few months my life has been in a constant state of change. I have added a new addition to my family and lost one. I have learned to be a Trooper's wife. I have learned to juggle three boys on my own when needed. I have learned to give that student that forgot his homework for the third time this week a break because HE does not have parents at home that make sure he has finished it. I have learned laughter is less tiring than anger. I have learned to be still and listen. I have learned to move quickly because life changes so fast. I have learned that life will change whether it is wanted or not. I have learned that I have the ability to live life with grace, patience, and love. I have so many blessings and opportunities that many just hope and wish for. I have the chance to make a difference in so many little lives each and everyday. As Christmas gets closer and I think about my family, my life, and the choices I get to make everyday, I am thankful that I have Christ as my example. As the new year approaches I hope to gain wisdom, knowledge, and strength to be a better example for others, for my husband, and for my kids. I hope I leave each person I come in contact with a little happier than they were before. I pray I will make a positive difference in the lives of people around me.