Monday, December 27, 2010


3 years ago today.

Today is a BIG day in the Hill house.  Today we get to celebrate Gannon's 3rd birthday.  Are you kidding me...I can't believe he is already three.  I remember so clearly waking up to a ton of snow outside wondering if we would make it to the hospital.  After a slow drive to Liberal, and an even slower wait on this little guy, he finally arrived and he has been such a joy to have in our family. 

A few of Mommy's favorite things about Gannon this year...
  • Gannon says a prayer each night before supper, it goes something like this.
    •  "Dear God, thank you for my tractor, my combine, the wheat dump it in the pit, thank you for my tractor my combine dump it in the pit...(repeat several times) thank you for Mommy and Daddy and Hudsen and Ryker and Mommy and Daddy and Hudsen and Ryker and GANNON... Amen. "
  • Each night before Gannon can fall asleep he gives each of us Hugs, Kisses, High Fives, and Knuckles (in that order or it does not count).  He also gets up several times in the night just to tell us "Love You"  I would be a little upset about this, but his sweet little voice just brings a smile to my face and the words "I love you Gannon, to my lips" .
  • Gannon has also been a huge help around the house, he unloads the dishwasher, he puts his shoes in the closet, and he can put his dirty clothes in the laundry room.  (These are huge things when so many people live in this house.)
  • Gannon has learned that if you go into the bathroom and get toilet paper, you can blow your nose on it.  Love this one.  He has also informed Levi and I that he can't sleep because he has boogies.
  • Gannon loves Tractors, Combines, and Wheat.  He would spend everyday at the Farm with Grandpa Kinley if we would let him.  To occupy his time and keep him up-to-date on all things farming, we let him watch combines cutting wheat on youtube.  No sound required, he just loves to watch them cut wheat and dump it in the truck.  This would provide hours of entertainment for him if we would let him watch it that long. 
  • All toys containing John Deer belong to Gannon in this house, and DON"T even think about touching them Ryker and Hudsen.  "Come to think of it, don't even look at my toys."
  • Gannon's favorite movies are How to Train your Dragon and Ice Age. 
This year we will be working really hard on these THREE things...
  1. POTTY TRAINING (Gannon is strong willed about this and he has NO desire to learn this new trick.)
  2. Counting and ABC's (Gannon is strong willed about this too, and well NO desire to learn this either.)
  3. Sharing his toys (Guess what... Strong willed and NO desire to do this or even think about doing it.)
Today, Gannon woke us up with his big smile and big heart.  We started today off exactly like we did THREE years ago, being greeted by such a gift from God. 
Gannon, my life is full of love, hugs, and kisses because of you.  You are a true treasure that I fall more and more in love with daily.  With ALL my heart, Gannon James, I LOVE YOU!

Hugs, Kisses, High Fives, and Knuckles,


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

I will write in detail about our 2010 Christmas, but tonight I only have one thought on my mind...
I am SO BLESSED to be loved and surrounded by my wonderful boys.