Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dax the Man

My wonderful outgoing 2 year old nephew has been having several stomach problems.  He has been in and out of the hospital and doctor's offices for the last few months.  Kristi (his mom) was told today that he has celiac disease.  This is a disease that prevents you from eating anything with gluten.  If you research gluten you will see that it is in almost EVERYTHING we eat.  This disease (in a lack of better words, seems to eat away at your intestines if you don't take care of it).  They go to a specialist tomorrow for more tests and options.  I am typing this in hopes that you will pray for Dax and his family.  This is a life changing disease that will be very hard to grow accustomed to.  All prayers will be greatly appreciated by Kristi and Garrett.  If you have a means of getting a prayer request out, please do so.  I know several of you have several friends and family members that can help us pray for them.  Also, she has a blog please stop by and leave her a comment, I know she would appreciate it.