Saturday, January 2, 2010

Look Who Turned 2!

I am a little late on this post, BUT he has been on my mind a lot! Gannon James Hill turned 2 years old December 27th. That little bug is growing so fast. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting on my couch 9 months pregnant, trying to open Christmas gifts. My belly was HUGE and I was miserable. As the snow fell on that very cold morning, Levi and I drove to the hospital (icy roads!!!) once again to welcome another baby boy. This little guy took forever to get here, but once he did, of course love at first sight. I remember holding him and looking out the window at the most beautiful winter scene. Snow covered everything and the flakes were huge. I held that little guy and together we were one and warm.

Fast forward through 2 RSV hospital stays and lots of bumps, falls, Popsicle sticks and we are here, 2 years later. My little guy is growing up way to fast. He is now trying to talk in sentences, which I understand. And just like that, he is crawling OUT of his crib. He never attempted this before, but it's like, hey, I am 2 I think I will start crawling out of this thing. And so I debate, should I keep him in there and just get up and put him back, or should I take down the crib and let him sleep in a big boy bed. YIKES! a big boy bed! NO!!!

I so love watching my boys grow up and each new stage brings lots of new things that I love. Can't wait to see what Gannon has in store for us this year! Happy Birthday Gannon James!