Monday, November 2, 2009

What a Sad Sad Day

Today was the BIG day. After 9 cherished weeks at home with Ryker, I did the unthinkable,...I set the alarm clock. Punching in 6:00 am was not the greatest or most anticipated moment of my life, but I managed to get it done. (Wishful thinking, Ryker not waking up before then). Last night I rocked that poor little thing until HE could not stand it. He wanted in his bed and he wanted it NOW. So I carried him to his room and well, sat on the bed and held him some more. He finally gave in and let me hold him for a few minutes longer. You would think I was going on a trip or something. I finally put him down, walked out of the room, crying of course, and did what any sane mom would do. I went right to the bathroom, grabbed the box of hair color and dyed my hair. (A little too dark, but I think it will fade quickly).
After messing with the new hair, I decided I better try and get some sleep. I crawled into bed, and well, I had no trouble sleeping. I slept great until 4:30, yep, 4:30. What do you do, it is around 5 o'clock, the alarm goes off at you try and get that last hour of sleep KNOWING you will be more tired when you get up, OR do you just stay up and pray you aren't asleep at your desk before noon. Well, I got back in bed...almost asleep and guess who wakes up, THE BABY. I rolled over, and told the Husband that it was his turn, and I fell fast asleep, I was shocked when the alarm went off that I really did it, I fell back asleep, AMAZING!
Levi and I managed to get all 3 kids dressed, and in the car before 7:30, WE ARE AWESOME!! and I was at work by 7:35! I did it, I made it to work! I made it through the morning, I made it through the afternoon, I DID it! Now, if I can do it again. UGH!!! Good thing about the rest of the week, Levi will be home to take care of the kids. I love his days off! I am going to BED! Oh wait, what is that I hear, yep it's the BABY! Bed can and will wait!