Friday, April 17, 2009

The Hills Plus ONE

I decided I would try this blogging thing out. I am going to do my best to keep you updated on what is going on with this crazy family of ours.
I guess first things first...We are going to find out what baby number 3 is in about 2 weeks on April 29th. I am very excited and anxious to find out what our baby is. Hudsen wants a girl because he does not think he will have to share any more of his toys with her (girls don't like boy toys is what he says.) Gannon, though small and still our baby, I think does know something is happening. He has turned into quite the mama's boy lately. I love all the snuggles and kisses I am getting lately. I am trying to take in him being my baby for as long as I can. It is hard for me to imagine him not being the baby of our family. He will, I believe, be a great big brother just like Hudsen is to him.
Levi is keeping busy with work and seems to love what he does. I am enjoying the freedom his job allows for him to come home and help when needed. Although the 4:00 am phone calls are still hard to adjust to. We are managing well with his schedule. It seems to me that we have a lot more family time now than we did while he was coaching. I guess those 3 days off help.
School is almost over for Hudsen and I. Hudsen went to the Kindergarten room last week to visit his new classroom for next year. I can't believe he will be in Kindergarten already. He is growing up so fast. It is amazing how he can carry on an entire conversation at the dinner table with us. I love listening to his stories and am shocked at how well his vocabulary is increasing.
Our family has adjusted to many changes this year and can't wait for our additional change in a few months. I will try and keep you posted on what the Hills plus one are up to.