Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And One Makes...3 Boys!

I had decided I would change my blog color according to the gender of our baby. So looks like this blog will stay BLUE! Levi, Hudsen, and I went to the doctor this morning. It was like going for the very first time. I was so excited and anxious. I did not think that the third time of going in to find out what I was having would be as exciting as it was. The minute the doctor began the sono, I went from what is it, to what a beautiful looking baby this is. As I looked at the screen my heart started to beat a little faster and I began to thank God that this baby, boy or girl, looked absolutely beautiful. I wanted to know more about its health than the gender. After looking at and measuring many body parts, the Dr. finally asked the question...Do you want to know what it is? Yes!! With one movement of his hand, I knew, another boy! Once you have seen it once, twice, and now three times, you know instantly that you are having another boy. The excitement was almost overshadowed by the heartbreak on Hudsen's face. He has said from the beginning that he wanted a little sister. NO more BOYS! But, being the AWESOME big brother that he is, he said, "oh he looks good!" "I like the picture of him holding his hand over his eyes, don't you?" I am so proud of him and think he is the BEST big brother that any 2 boys could ask or hope for. As for boy #3's Daddy, HUGE smile and I think a little laugh as well. I never thought of myself as a mommy of 3, and now I am so PROUD to be the Mommy of three beautiful BOYS! I thank God everyday for loving and trusting me enough to take care of these little guys!