Thursday, May 26, 2011

~~Hours in our Day~~

Hello World!  Seems like this blog has become a hit or miss type of blog.  I think of it often and have little time to do much about it.  I am afraid that over the past few months I have been in a blog fog.  No real reason to blog, well other than the wonderful world of Hudsen, Gannon, and Ryker.  These guys rule my world.  They seem to dictate every move I make, every thought I consume, and every decision that I make revolves around these three little guys and this blog has not fit into their world lately.

Hudsen finished 1st grade this past week- ALL A's!!!!  What a smart guy he is.  When we started him in school we debated on whether we should start him early or late, we went with early.  Each year that has gone by, Hudsen has excelled in all he has done.  I am so proud of how much he loves learning.  Every night Hudsen would read to us.  At the beginning of this year, Hudsen knew nothing about putting letters together to make words.  Now, he is reading on a 2nd grade reading level and making 100's on his AR tests.  I thought, he we should give him a quarter for every book he read this year, then I did the math..$60.00 in quarters...sooo we went with dimes.  He made a 100% on every Spelling test he took this year and did just as well in Math.  I am so thankful for that big brain that God placed in his head!!!!
Baseball season is in full swing.  He finally moved up to Machine Pitch which he is thrilled about.  This boy is a Baseball player.  Yes, I am bragging- it's my blog, I can brag if I want to.  I am so excited to be "helping" coach his team this year.  Late nights here we come.

Gannon James-my big three year old.  He is nothing shy of being his big brother's shadow.  Everywhere Hudsen is, Gannon is also.  Everything Hudsen does, Gannon attempts.  I love hearing him say, "Ryker, just me and Hudsen, you are too little."  "You have to big like me and Hudsen."  His love is huge and his energy is amazing.  This is the kid that requires little if no sleep and has more energy than all 4 of the rest of us combined.  Levi and I are slowly discovering that Gannon requires little attention to make him happy.  We often say, have you seen Gannon in awhile?  He keeps himself completely busy all on his own.  With this new found "bigness" of his has also come a new "I can do whatever I want when I want attitude."  I am attempting to change that big attitude in that little boy.  I wonder if Hudsen was like this at 3.  I can't remember I was so occupied with baby Gannon and Levi being gone, that I honestly can't remember.  I look at Ryker and think, man I have another 3 year old to come.  Please Lord help me survive.  Terrible 3's or whatever, Gannon James is still my little man with a HUGE heart. 

Ryker Sutton, standing here screaming as I type because Gannon just took his phone away from him.  Gannon thought if he gave Ryker a "different" phone, Ryker would understand, not the case.  Ryker is not happy with Gannon right now.  Ryker has gotten big.  Saying anything and everything-as long as he is at home. In public, this kid is shy and very quiet.  He is a snuggle bug.  Sometimes I go out in public when I need a little one-on-one time with Ryker.  I find it so hard to believe that in just a few short months this little guy will be 2.  It gives me such a sick feeling in my stomach that my baby is growing so fast that I can't seem to soak it all in.  Speaking of changing, we had a major change happen last night/today.  After a year and half of bananas in this house, yesterday was Ryker's last official banana.  Before his nap yesterday we gave him a banana-nothing different- when he woke up from his nap, he had the worst rash I have ever seen.  His arms and legs looked as if he had been burnt.  After thinking about it I decided that it had to be the banana.  I am allergic to bananas and thought well so is he.  I watched him closely, gave him benadryl and sent him on his way.  He never cried, or acted as though they itched or bothered him.  This morning Levi and I noticed that they were worse and had spread.  We went straight to the Dr. and he went straight to the epi pen and steroid shot.  He then looked at me and said, you are lucky he woke up.  Well, thanks!  Sent us home with another pen and said, "Next time...Emergency Room!"  So, that was NOT fun.  Really, it amazes me how kids survive their parents sometimes.

My plate is full, actually it is overflowing right now.  I woke up a few mornings ago around 4:00 and just thought about all that I have going on right now.  I start my Masters program next week-OVERWHELMING.  I have taken on coaching duties for Hudsen's baseball team-OVERWHELMING.  I volunteered to run the concession stand at the Little League games-OVERWHELMING.  I have to attempt to take 3 active boys to the swimming pool this summer-OVERWHELMING.  I signed up to teach 3 year olds at church for the next 3 months-OVERWHELMING.  I spend 90% of my evenings talking to my husband on the phone because he works evenings-OVERWHELMING.   Trying to figure out how to spend quality time with ALL three boys daily-OVERWHELMING. 
I am such a small person in such a large world right now.  Daily I tell myself, breathe just breathe.  Why do we put so much on our plates when we know we are already to busy to do what we need to do anyway?  My answer...because we are Moms and that's what Moms do.  We just do it...get it done and then volunteer for something else. 

Tonight I pray that my life as OVERWHELMING as it seems, never gets to busy to love the people around me, that I am never to tired to hug or kiss my boys one more time, and that I ALWAYS find time to thank God for all these OVERWHELMING opportunities and blessings in my life. 

PS...A very wonderful person that has become a very dear friend lost her parents in the terrible tornadoes that went through the Oklahoma City area this past week.  Tonight and for many days and nights to come, I pray for you Lisa.  I pray that God will comfort your heart and bring peace to your life once again.  Your smile is contagious and your laughter is a sweet sound.  I hope that we see and hear that again soon.