Sunday, April 3, 2011

Growing Older

Today is a terribly windy day here and I am choosing not to go outside and stand in it.  So I thought I would use this time to tell you a little bit about the man I married. 
Let's be honest, before I met Levi, I was looking for someone tall, dark, and handsome.  Those were pretty much my only requirements in a man.  Levi fit those no problem.  I noticed him because of those qualities and was intrigued by them.  When we started dating I began to fall in love with him for his sense of humor, his intelligence, and his wanting to hang out with me.  He was a great guy that made me happy and I knew that he would take care of me no matter what.

Fast forward to child number one, Hudsen.  Wow, who knew this man that I fell in love with because of how handsome he was would also turn out to be such a great Daddy. 

Levi and Hudsen: Day one

As Hudsen grew, so did Levi.  He began to set new priorities for our family.  Set in our ways we were a happy family of 3. 

Then this happened...
My 2 sons

Once again Levi had a new set of responsiblities and a new outlook on life.  He was the Daddy of 2 wonderful full of energy boys.  And once again, my husband did everything in his powers to make this family of FOUR the best that it could be.   He loved us and he wanted the best for us-and he delieved....Well AND SO DID I. exhibit 3...
Daddy and boy #3

Oh my, new challenges, but never discouraged (or at least never led on) he was going to be the best Daddy of THREE that he could be.

My 3 Sons
And today, on this windy day, I am more in Love with this man not because of his hottness, which he is, but because he LOVES us more than I ever imagined possible. 
Thank you Levi for being a SUPER DADDY and a FABULOUS HUSBAND.

Love your wife,